Welcome Hunnie

My Name Is Racquel I’ve Been In Business since 2020. I Started Experimenting with Different combination of Butters & Oil for my 3 kids that suffered from Eczema! Did my research and found out some interesting things about Butters and as well as Oils they carry natural benefits that our skin deserves to be lathered in.  Who doesn't love a soft, moisturized, and healthy skin with a GLOW The butters and oils I used are the PERFECT combination that will leave your body moisturized & Hydrated for hours after applying. So, take your time & look around.  Exquisite Scents to choose from. Hope You Enjoy them as much as I do making them. Thanks Hunnie!

It’s The Glow For Me!

This is the Perfect Body Butter For Your Skin. Moisturizes Naturally & Leaves Your Skin Hydrated with a Glow.

Long Lasting Moisturizer 24/7

Organic Shea Butter

High Concentrations of Fatty Acids and Vitamins. Shea Butter also has Anti-inflammatory and healing properties Skin Protecting, Deeply Moisturizing, Wrinkles Fine Lines and Scars. Repairing and heals Problem areas.Such as dark spots & Eczema, Psoriasis.

Mango Butter

Mango Butter Contains Vitamin A. an Antioxidant that stimulates the skin natural renewal process. It encourages the skin to produce new and healthy skin cells, improves skin texture and elasticity and protects the skin against damage caused by UV Radiation.

Coconut Oil

Hydration. Helps protect skin. Absorbs easily. It minimizes the looks of fine lines and wrinkles

Perfect For All Skin Tone